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2023/01/01 Lead Team Committee Interest

You Can Ride 2 is run by a volunteer board, the Lead Team. You can get involved with running YCR2 by volunteering to assist with one of the board's committees! These are committee member positions, not full executive positions, and the time commitment is much lighter - ~10 hours over the course of the year or so, unless you'd like to help more. If you would like to be more involved, you can run for an executive position - speak to a Lead Team member about this! Completing a volunteer term with the lead team qualifies you for a full refund of your fundraising fees on top of normal volunteer refunds. ***This is only an interest list, not a full commitment. The lead team will follow up with you personally if you sign up.***

Committee: Strategic

The strategic committee sets the direction for programs at YCR2, piloting new initiatives and seeking new community partnerships. If you see an opportunity for YCR2 to develop or improve, this is the committee for you. Strategic Director: Janine Halayko
(10 hour shift)

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