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2024 Lead Team Committee Interest

You Can Ride 2 is run by a volunteer board, the Lead Team. You can get involved with running YCR2 by volunteering to assist as a Lead Team member or with one of the board's committees! The average time commitment for Lead Team members is ~3-5 hours/ month and for committee teams is ~10 hours over the course of the year. Completing a volunteer term with the lead team qualifies you for a full refund of your fundraising fees on top of normal volunteer refunds. ***This is only an interest list, not a full commitment. The lead team will follow up with you personally if you sign up.***

Committee: Sustainability

The sustainability committee runs fundraising projects, seeks new sponsorships and donors, and works with staff on grant applications. If you have experience with fundraising or networking, this is the committee for you. Sustainability director: Ying Yi Foo
(10 hour shift)

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