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2022/02/09 - Mechanic Modification Days (Feb-Apr 2022)

Here is some info for our Mechanic Modification Days (Feb-Apr 2022)! Between February and April, we will hold the bike shop open for a few set hours on Thursdays and Saturdays and instead of signing up for a certain length of shift, you can drop-in for however long you are available on the given day! The Bike Shop Hours will be as follows: Thursdays: 10am-5pm Saturdays: 10am-5pm Please sign up for drop-in volunteer shifts below to let us know that you plan to come in that day sometime during the Open Bike Shop Hours. The Sign Up Sheet will be updated regularly and using this link will allow you to verify that the shop is open as we may adjust the schedule based on event days and how much/the type of work that needs to be done. Volunteer capacity will only be limited by Covid-19 gathering restrictions and the maximum amount of workbenches we have available at one time. If we finish early, we can give you a call to let you know. Note: You can check out "Other Volunteer Shifts" at the bottom of the Volunteer Sign Up Sheet which will have Mechanic shifts for upcoming events. We will send more email requests for volunteers if we are ever short for events. We would like to thank each of you again for all of your hard work which helped to make the YCR2 2021 Bike Season such a resounding success! We lent out 170 bikes as a team this year which was made possible by your commitment to the program and the families who use YCR2's services. Now it's time to bring those bikes back to the warehouse and get them prepped for next year's families! Please contact Josh ( if you have any questions! We really appreciate all that you do for the You Can Ride 2 program and we value your feedback. All the best, The You Can Ride 2 Team

Mechanic - Modifcation Days Drop-in (Saturday)

February 19, 2022 11:00 AM (5 hour shift)

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